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My name is Jill Thompson and I am an Instructional Technology Team. Prior to my position I was in the classroom for 8 years and a facilitator for a little over a year. My job is to support teaching and learning through aligning the curriculum with technology by providing planning support, professional development and guidance for your school. I believe we need to equip our learners with the 21st century skill they need to be college and career ready. I look forward to working with you. Below is my contact information:
Email: jilll.thompson@cms.k12.nc.us (Jill has three L’s due to my middle initial)
Call or text: 704-501-6677
Follow me on Twitter @CMS_JillT or Edu_Thompson
CMS Instructional Technology Specialists:
Jacob Standish, Ilana Jones, Donna Jessup
Instruction Technology Specialists Wiki
To view a list of schools I support please click here.
"Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world." ~ Nelson