Teachers Using Tech In their Classroom



'Touting' Vocabulary Words

Here is an example of student lead conference using Evernote. 1st grade

Using an iPad in Math during workshop.- 2nd grade

Students practicing reading there own stories using the video feature on the iPad - 1st grade

Division Ex: Paper Slide - 5th grade

Paper Slide on The Peidmont of NC by Mrs. Prendergast's Class- 4th grade

Mrs. Keller's class using 'deskercise' from Discovery Education - K

Ms. Upchurch uses Discovery Education to reinforce area and perimeter before a hands on lesson. - 3rd grade

K using iPad in Math to make mathematical sentences

Students using Tonntastic App in the Classroom - 3rd grade

Mrs. Abernathy use's goanimate to teach figurative language to her class! - 3rd grade

Here some student's in Mrs. Barber's homeroom used the green screen for their project. They researched how technology has changed the face of advertising (from paper ads to now tv and Internet ads). They had to choose a piece of technology to advertise, wrapping up their economics unit. The students will receive a group grade based on their commercial and then they have to write about it individually for an independently graded writing assignment. They have to write about what they learned about how advertising has changed through technology as well and describe the process in which they made their commercial.

Students using Zondle in the classroom!

Using Ten Frames and iPad in K classroom. One student made up word problems and the other student solved it then they switched.

Here is a student using an iPad to work on his fluency with his multiplication facts. (Fast Facts app) After a minute of facts it records the percentage the student received. The app can even email the results to anyone, ex. a parent. This app is a quick and great way to assess the students!

Skype in the Classroom

Mrs. Barber using an iPad in her small reading group! She is able to do her thinking aloud modeling while having the students have a purpose for listening which was deciding what the main idea of the story was. She asks the students to use their knowledge to figure out what underline words me and when she clicks on them, it give them the definition.

Using a flip camera, Ms. UpChurch's Class song Dem Bones. She was able to post it to her wiki, send to the rest of the team and in her email blast!