Welcome 3rd Grade
The New Essential Standards ( NES) are a North Carolina initiative and for K-5 science we will implement those standards in 2012-2013. This year we have a "crosswalk" of the standards so you can compare NCSCOS and the NES side by side (below), The other document (below) is NES "unpacked". Each standard is broken down and explains what students must know, understand and be able to do.

Important Documents:

Pacing Guide:

Third Grade
  • plant growth and adaptations
  • soil properties
  • earth/moon/sun system
  • skeletal and muscle systems of the human body

Helpful Websites:


Objects in the Sky:

http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/vermi/Game/menu.html (Interactive Games)
http://classic.globe.gov/tctg/tgchapter.jsp?sectionId=86&lang=EN (Lessons and activities)

Animals Adaptations:
Force and Motion:
3.P.1.1: Students know that when a force acts on an object it will result in a change of speed and/or direction.

3.P.1.2: Students know that speed can vary. Students know that varying the speed of a moving object will affect the time it takes for the object to travel a particular distance.

3.P.1.3: Students know that the earth ‘pulls’ on all objects on or near the earth without touching those objects. (Do not need to know that they all land at the same time.