Homework Policy


Reason for assignments: Homework is a valuable tool in helping students make the most of their expereince in school. Homework helps reinfoce what has been learned in the classroom, prepares students for upcoming lessons, teaches responsibility and helps students develop positive study habits.

When homework will be assigned: Homework will be assigned everynight including weekends. Homework should take no longer than 60 minutes to complete, not including reading their AR book or studying for tests. Students should read at least 30 minutes nightly. We limit homework on PTA family nights.

Student's homework responsibilities: I expect students to do their best on each homework assignment. Homework should be neat and not sloppy. All math homework needs to be completed in pencil. All reports should be writen in ink (blue or black) or typed on the computer (font is 12, double spaced, Times New Roman). Homework should be finished by class time the following day. No homework will be counted if it is turned in with no name or late. If I find that students are not completing their homework after three missed assignments, I will contact the parent through agenda, email or on the phone. Exceptions will be made for emergencies.

Teacher's homework responsibilities: I will check all homework assignments and record them in my grade book. I believe that if studnets are working hard to turn them in on time, I will return the homework the very next day. For homework I give a check plus which represents that the student masters the lesson/concept, a check represents that the student understands the lesson/concept but needs to work on it and a check minus is where the student needs to study/practice working on the lesson/concept being taught. I will support good homework grades by giving praise and other incentives. Homework grades are added up to equal a test grade.

Parent's homework responsibilities: To make homework a positive experience, give it top priority at home, provide necessary supplies and a quiet environment,set aside time everyday to do homework, provide praise and positive support and ask your child about returned graded homework.

Agendas: Agendas should be signed every night as it is a great way to communicate and to know what your child is doing in school. If agendas are repeatedly not signed, I will contact the parent through email or on the phone.

Make-Up Work: If your child is absent, it is their responsibilty to see what work they have missed and then turn in the work for the day they were absent. Many of our students think they don't have to make up the work, or they think the teacher should seek them out and catch them up. Responsibility and getting ready for middle school is one of our major goals this year. Please support our efforts as it will make your life easier next year as well!