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This Year Check Out Camp Invention: Envision! Below are what Modules your students will participate in!

During the week, children will be using many recyclable materials in their projects. If possible, please bring more items to add to our Recycle Room each day. All children will be using these items, so if there is a special recyclable item that your child wants to use, be sure to mark it with his or her name. The Camp Invention program is not responsible for lost or stolen goods. Thank you for enabling our process of invention! Needed items include:

Bottle caps
Cardboard tubes
Foam trays
Oatmeal canisters
Plastic tubing
Bubble wrap
Cereal boxes
Paper/plastic bags
Shoe boxes
Egg cartons
Milk/OJ cartons/jugsm
Tissue boxes
Cardboard boxes
Film canisters
Plastic containers/lids
Water bottles

Please be sure to thoroughly wash out all bottles, containers, foam trays, and/or any other items that may have previously contained a chemical or food substance.