Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT)

A Symbaloo of resources/apps that work on all devices:

Digital Portfolios Applications
Three Ring
Pathbrite: Only for iOS and Free for Teacher $10 for students

5 Best Practices for BYOT

Example of Rules for BYOT (It is helpful to have school wide rules so students know the expectations)
- Students cannot download apps while at school
- Students cannot charge devices during the day
- Students are responsible for their device
- Use only BYOT wifi networks and not 4G
- Use devices for learning
- Make good choices

Example of a Mission:
Our goals at JV Washam Elementary School are to teach and prepare the staff and students for the importance of technology in their lives, how to effectively use technology tools and redefine how a school classroom works. The use of technology must not be a supplement to our curriculum but instead allow a new way of viewing student learning. Our goal will be to prepare our students to be able to be:

• Risk takers
• Collaborators
• Self-directed learners
• Flexible in how to use tools
• Create by using video, apps etc
• Global communicators
• Become authentic writing
• Prepare for life outside of school

Facts and Resources:

Click Here for BYOT Permission Slip (AUP)
Click Here for BYOT brochure

Device Dig Chart-
On the first day and once a month for the beginning of your pilot having a 'device dig' is a great way to get the students involved in seeing the different devices along with yourself. After you collect the data, create a bar graph. Then each month the students can analyze the graph. You can take this a step further and have students create math word problems such the charts.

BYOT in Action produced by CMS Instructional Technology
BYOT is linked to the curriculum (Common Core)
BYOT is not about the device but about the learning.

Frequently Asked Questions
- Will there be a permission form that needs to be signed before a student brings a personal device to school? There is no district special-permission form to be signed. Students have already signed an Acceptable Use Agreement and the Code of Conduct.

- When will my students use the device? The teacher is in charge of classroom procedures, including internet access. Although access is available, it is not guaranteed for every classroom situation. The teacher will let the students know when they can use the device. Students can use the devices for reading, research, note taking.

- How secure is the network that my child will be using at school? The quest network follows U.S. government guidelines. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires all network access to be filtered.

- What if my child does not own their own personal device? What are their options? Each school will be different based on their technology supplies. Some possible option include: school provided laptop carts and/or tablet carts, sharing of personal devices, classroom computers, and computer labs.


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