Discovery Educator Network

My name is Mrs. Jill Thompson and I am an Instructional Technology Specialist. I was previously a math and science facilitator for a year and taught in the classroom for 8 years prior to that. I grew up in the Syracuse, New York area. I am a graduate of Salem State College in Salem, Massachusetts and have obtained a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Bachelor of Arts in English. I have obtained my AIG (Academically or Intellectually Gifted) licensure at UNCC and at Winthrop University I obtained my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction! I am also an adjunct professor at UNCC teaching Instructional Design and the Use of Technology with Elementary School Learners.

I enjoy spending time with my husband, Josh. We got married in Jamaica! I have two younger brothers. My brother, John, is a basketball coach at Marshall University and my other brother, Eric, is a junior in college. I am a die hard Red Sox and Patriots fan. I enjoy learning and using technology. I also love to read, play softball and play my wii.

My educational philosophy as an educator is to create an innovative, 21st century learning environment for all students; setting the stage for their entire academic life. Teaching a rich, meaningful, and well-balanced curriculum of skills and concepts through age appropriate activities, will encourage children to want to become life long learners. The children we teach today are the future of the world; their goals and beliefs are taken from what we provide for them. If we provide a positive 21st century learning environment to all our children that encourages good values and high expectations, the students will foster life long learning skills.

“Great teachers have high expectations for their students, but higher expectations for themselves.” – Todd Whitaker